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Morro Bay Butcher & Deli’s mission is to provide quality meats, sandwiches, cheeses, and homemade prepared foods with friendly service. As a full-service butcher, we have a passion for animals, meat and cooking. We strive to use up the whole animal from “nose to tail.” With the ability to share the source of every cut from how it was raised and processed to the suggestions for recipes and cooking instructions. Our ultimate goal is to work with the small, central coast farms to help bolster the local economy and make our community a better, healthier place. This is the grounding principle of our small business.

The driving philosophy behind our business is to provide quality food to the residents of and visitors to Morro Bay. We are customer service forward and you will always feel welcome in our shop. We are also committed to sustainability and will limit waste by going “nose to tail”, utilizing overlooked and underappreciated cuts and byproducts to make delicious special sandwiches, prepared foods and other products like broths, butters, fat bombs, and more. for home cooking. It will be a place for people to grab a great sandwich for lunch or pick up dinner, whether you want to cook or not.

We believe in sustainability from top to bottom. From the way animals and plants are raised and grown to how they are used and consumed. We also aim to limit as much waste as possible. There are many ways of using all the products we consume on a daily basis. Bones and trim can be used for broths and stocks. Cuttings and scrap from veggies can be used for the same or to flavor other dishes. The stocks can then be used to make sauces, stews, soups, etc. We used to do these things out of necessity… to preserve a bountiful harvest or to extend food stores during times of scarcity. With the advent of better preservation techniques and better technology we have forgotten about the rest of the animal and/or veggies. We have become so focused on the “best” parts of things that we often overlook the value of the rest of it. It is our goal to get back to some of those “basic” concepts and show people that sustainability doesn’t mean “less” or “flavorless” it, in fact, means more flavor and more products. A whole pig can produce delicious pork chops, ribs, bacon, shoulder and hams but it can also produce head cheese, stock, bone broth, fat bombs, lard, and a multitude of other items that can be consumed or used up. Marry that mentality with today’s technology and we see a bright, healthy, and delicious future… Come visit us and you’ll see what we mean!

Geoff Montgomery

Geoff, our in-house Butcher, gained the inspiration for The Morro Bay Butcher and Deli while managing several small grocery markets in his hometown of Jackson, WY. There he experienced the distinct difference between pasture raised meat and the “other stuff” you find in the supermarket and found his passion for transparency in the food industry. His love for good food and sharing it with great company is what drives him to share that with the community. He never stops learning and is happy to share his knowledge anytime. Come on in and ask him!

Jillian Montgomery

Jillian loves people and everything to do with California’s Central Coast. Her experience managing and enjoying charming farmers markets exposed her to the real-life struggles that family farms have when it comes to getting their products to local consumers. She will welcome you with open arms both in and out of the shop. She will always hear you out and strives to make a positive impact on your day, everyday.

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