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We at the Morro Bay Butcher and Deli are committed to providing quality, locally sourced meats to our community and the surrounding area. Our goal in the Butcher Shop is to be approx. 75% local by the end of 2021. To do this we are working with regional farmers and ranchers to source locally raised beef, pork and chicken. Currently, we are working with the Molnar Cattle Co. LLC in Cayucos for grass fed beef, the Rudnick Cattle Co. in San Luis Obisbo for grain finished beef, the NZ Ranch in Edna Valley for pork and Autonomy Farms in Bakersfield for pasture raised chicken. While we keep developing these relationships and seeking out new ones, we will continue to carry quality products from Stockyard Beef, Patuxent Farms, Kerwee Wagyu, and Coastal Lamb.
We carry a variety of cuts including, but not limited to, the following. For the most up to date offerings, follow us on social media or give us a call at 805-225-1440.


Rib Eye
NY Strip
Tenderloin (Filet)
Top Sirloin
Chuck Roast
Pichana (Coulotte)
Wagyu NY Strip
Fresh Ground Beef (Ground In House)


Boneless Loin (chops)
Shoulder (butt)
Baby Back Ribs
Fresh Belly
Various Sausages

Chicken (Cut to order)

Chicken: (cut to order)
Whole Chickens
Bone In Breast
Bone In Thighs
½ Chicken
Leg ¼’s


Rack of Lamb
Bone In Leg
Boneless Leg
Loin Chops
Center Cut Loin Filet

Game and Fowl

Venison Leg Filet
Venison Rack
Ground Venison
Duck Breast
Duck Leg ¼’s

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